Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last day in Houston!

So in about 7 hours I'll be on my way to NYC by bus. From NYC, I'll catch a plane to Madrid. And from there, I have NO IDEA what I will do. I feel so ill-prepared, but I'm excited. Whatever happens, I'll learn from it. I'm at my sister's house right now deciding what to take, and what not. I can't take much because whatever I do take I have to haul it on my back wherever I go. So... wish me luck!

I'll try to make a post as often as possible...and perhaps I can translate them as well.

...and a crappy picture of me right now...uhh...yeah, we had some fun last night :-p

1 comment:

Stephie said...

Oh my KYLE!! How exciting!!! I hope you have an awesome time!!!! Don't go TOO crazy ok?


mi amor take care PORFAVOR!!!

ps. will you get me a pretty rock from Italy? u kno... like from the ground. hehehehe pleez?

love you sweetie!!